Graphite lubricant for use on all tuning pegs and tension points. Dries to a gel that repeals dust and dirt.

World's only nut slot lubricant that dries helping ALL string instruments to RESONATE naturally.

All competitors nut lubes use petroleum/grease/motor oil that KILLS sound quality and attracts dust.

100% organic, eco-safe and biodegradable

Slick Nutz Nut Lubricant

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  • Question: What is the best Lubricant for all stringed Instruments?


    Owner/Chemist of Lizard Spit Products (Chris Webster) originally developed Slick Nutz Lubricant (AKA: Project Z3657A) for Aero Space and the Aeronautics industry Research & Development Dept. in the early 2000’s. Due to a massive amount of red-tape it was much easier to place it in a different market. The competitor’s tension-point lubricants are mostly comprised of messy car greases that absorb sound and collect: dust, lint and dirt making their technology OBSOLETE. The answer is to use a eco-safe lubricant that is non-petroleum based. Slick Nutz repels particulates while adding lubrication and precision accuracy when friction has to be minimized. The benefit of Slick Nuts is it actually helps the string metal to resonate better than greases / petroleum. Slick Nutz comes out wet then dries in seconds from its needle point applicator. Musician can use Slick Nuts on all tension-points of any instrument.  Use what the PRO’s use! MSRP $16.95 Item # SLN-10      

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