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About Us

 Lizard Spit was formed in the Spring of 1998 by Chris Webster, owner, chemist, and CEO. Lizard Spit is currently one of three product brands owned by Q3POLY, LLC. The company had its start in West Michigan, and is now located in North Dallas. Lizard Spit has thrived through the support of friends, fans and

touring musicians world-wide.
Product quality is our #1 priority. Word of mouth has made Lizard Spit one of the fastest selling products. Products of the highest caliber create repeat customers. From the very beginning, Lizard Spit has out-sold all other competitor’s products. Our first major music show was Winter NAMM 2002 where Lizard Spit was introduced and embraced by the international market. The SEMA Show in Las Vegas introduced our automotive line. There is a unique excitement surrounding Lizard Spit.

Lizard Spit is better for the environment, better for your instruments, and is made in the USA!

Winter NAMM Show 2019.jpg
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